A Wedding Officiant

100% customized wedding ceremony

We create wedding ceremonies in Spanish and in English

What does a wedding officiant do?

A wedding officiant, a marriage officiant or celebrant is the person in charge of creating and celebrating the ritual part of a wedding and carrying out the act of marriage itself in a symbolic manner.

Choosing a wedding officiant is the most popular option among those couples who want a 100% personalized wedding ceremony.

With the figure of the wedding officiant, we try to give value to the moment of the ceremony, which can sometimes be diluted in the rest of the preparations for a wedding.

After all, it is the "reason we have gathered here today" and the promise that two people are going to make to each other.

In a symbolic wedding ceremony we can adapt the structure and script to each couple's personality and really tell their love story.

This is what differentiates a wedding ceremony led by an officiant from the rest.

The degree of personalization and customization of each wedding.

How do we do it?

The wedding officiant will be available for each couple to listen and get to know them. Once we get to know each other, we create a personalized script for you so that it is not just any ceremony, but your wedding ceremony.

We involve your friends and family in the wedding ceremony, we integrate the music with the speech and we tell your story because your wedding ceremony should talk about you as an individual and, specially, as you as a couple.

In short, make both you and your guests enjoy your wedding ceremony.

What does the wedding officiant service include?

  • Meetings with wedding officiant until the day of the ceremony (in person and online)
  • Custom made ceremony script
  • Advice on symbologies and vows
  • Coordination of family and friends and help with their interventions
  • Musical coordination with suppliers
  • Ceremony rehearsal
  • Advice and information for the legal wedding

Remember that we can officiate your wedding in Spanish and English and help if you want your wedding to be legal and before a notary.


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