Vámonos de Bodorrio Recommendations, I've caught you!

A little bird called Google has told me that one of your searches is  “Vámonos de Bodorrio Recommendations” so I’d like to share with you some of the comments of couples that have chosen us to walk alongside them during the planning of their wedding.

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Our wedding in Gran Canaria

We loved how you planned our wedding, from the very begining until the end.
From the first moment we spoke we fell in love with the venue and felt really confident having you by our side. To know you were there taking care of everything really made our dream wedding come true, because that is what we got, our dream wedding!
All our guests were amazed and that is mostly thanks to you, Carolina.
Thank you.
The icing on the cake were the fireworks. Spectacular!
There was absolutely nothing missing.
Thank you for everything, we really hope everything goes well for you!

María & Fernando
bodas en Gran Canaria

An Ibizan wedding in the mountains of Madrid

When we contacted Carolina the first time we couldn’t even imagine how useful she was going to be. You have to do so many things to organize a wedding!
The truth is we didn’t have much time, only 6 months until the wedding. But she calmed us down. It could be done.
The planning was fantastic. Every week we reviewed the tasks that had to be done which was helpful because one of us travels all the time and the other works crazy hours. She made us feel confident and gave us loads of ideas. She satisfied every request we made, and even did it with a smile and affection. My surprises, his surprises, joint surprises… the process has been so much fun! During the wedding, that turned out fantastic, she took care of every detail and didn’t leave us until the last guest had gone.

Juanma & Reyes

Wedding Vow Renewal

My case was a wedding anniversary with vow renewals.
I would like to emphasise the amazing work the staff did. The ceremony was beautiful as the decoration of the whole venue was. We felt very well taken care, specially by our Wedding Planner Carolina Cazorla, that made everything so easy for us. Thank you very much. We would definitely choose you again to plan an event for us.

Raquel & Antonio
ceremonia frente al mar
wedding in madrid centre

A wedding in the center of Madrid

Highly recommended. Carolina is a very attentive person, she always looked after of all the details and was very implicated in the preparation of our wedding. She helped us a lot and thanks to her we knew what we had to do in each moment.

Lucía & Javi

Board games themed wedding

I would give 10 stars to Vámonos de Bodorrio.
It is, without a doubt, one of the vendors I am most happy with.
Carol, a love and Patri, a charm.
In addition to the coordination of the day, they also did the decoration and being something especially “weird” they did great.
I could spend the day saying good things about them.
I will only say that they always had a smile reserved for us.
They have been great!

Víctor Setoain
Boda temática
novia heavy

A non traditional wedding

After “the wedding hangover” I wanted to thank you for the magnificent work.
I have the image carved in my mind of Carol looking at the folder (almost at the the end of the night) tired, that looked up at me with a smile.
It gave me a rush of energy.
You are lovely and you have done an incredible job.
You have conquered us.

Pilar López

Mum and Dad’s wedding, a wedding with children

It was clear from the beginning that we needed someone to help us ton our wedding day, and not only did she help us, she took all the work load and managed small discussions with the venue so that our nerves were only due to the obvious and not because of asking for a chair here or a chair there.  A professional who loves her job and it shows a lot, I only have words of thanks for Carolina and my recommendation for everyone who seeks this service. She made things very easy with other  vendors, our phone did not ring, but I’m sure hers didn’t stop.

Nacho Muñoz
wedding children
winter wedding

A winter wedding

We met Carolina at a fair and until we spoke with her I did not realize how important a wedding planner can become … And above all of  were the good vibes she transmitted  me. The truth is that she makes you feel reassured, she is involved and helps you  make your day perfect.  Even taking things of her own property to make special corners. Thank you for dealing with everyone and making everything go perfectly despite the obstacles, to plan everything to the millimeter and guide us during that day, we just followed the steps and didn’t have to worry about anything … You are great!

Cristina González

A very hipster gay wedding

Our plan was to get married in July. We contacted Carolina in January in search of her help because we did not even have the venue. We knew exactly what we did not want but we did not feel like organizing our wedding. She perfectly understood our proposal and our wedding idea. With so little time available,she not only organized a perfect wedding for 200 guests, but he also made sure that we enjoyed the process and that the entire wedding weekend was perfect. It really was worth it to trust Carolina. Her professionalism and kindness allowed us the important thing: to enjoy our friends and family on the day of our wedding.

The Pablos
hipster gay wedding